RunLites Sport Gloves (CAMO) Full-length (XL) -- Lights included


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Whether you’re hunting, camping, hiking, or preparing for an emergency, you’re looking for resources that are compact, lightweight and multipurpose. You can’t afford to carry heavy supplies or hinder your ability to move freely and use your hands. So when it comes to lighting solutions, no other option meets your need quite like RunLites.

RunLites gloves are a lightweight, wearable, hands-free lighting solution ideal for outdoor activities. Carrying a flashlight can be burdensome, wearing a headlamp is uncomfortable and bringing a lantern isn’t always an option. Put light where you need it while setting up your tent, starting a fire or walking through the woods with RunLites.

Benefits of RunLites:

  • Compact, lightweight and hands-free
  • Bright (40 or 80 lumens) light that projects a 135-degree radial arc up to 30 feet
  • Provides up to 12 hours of continuous use
  • Reflective strip for safety
  • Half-length (for working) or full-length (for colder weather)
  • Padded palm pocket for storage


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